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Celebrating a Vaccinated Workforce

As of November 1, all current associates and new hires of Ethica Client Centers are required to have received full vaccination for COVID-19 as a condition of employment. We are excited to be able to celebrate a vaccinated workforce as we do our part to help protect the health and well-being of our patients and our communities across Georgia.

Long-term Care Organization Introduces Georgia Grown Meats to its Menus

Macon – Ethica, a Georgia non-profit healthcare organization, is bringing pork raised by Georgia farmers and processed by Georgia Premium Meats of Colquitt, Georgia, to the tables of its long-term care facilities.

In 2019, the Center for Rural Prosperity and Innovation, Hometown Health, and several healthcare and food service visionaries created the Georgia Rural Hospital Collaborative to create a direct connection between Georgia farmers and rural healthcare facilities.  It started with fruits and vegetables.  With success under its belt, the Collaborative operates Georgia Premium Meats, providing Georgia Grown meat to healthcare facilities.

Ethica joins an ever-growing community of Georgia agricultural producers, manufacturers, and retailers committed to connecting their products to Georgia consumers.  With this action, Ethica is demonstrating its commitment to Georgia’s agriculture industry and the Georgia Grown program by bringing Georgia-raised and processed pork to its residents via a collaboration between Ethica and Georgia Premium Meats, a non-profit arm of the Georgia Rural Hospital Food Collaborative. 

“This is where we live and serve, and it is great to be able to invest back into our local communities,” stated Brandon Poole, Executive Vice President of Operations. "Ethica has been working on this collaboration with Georgia Grown for over two years. “It is exciting to see it finally coming together,” he continued.

To introduce the Georgia Grown program, residents participated in taste tests at several centers including Wynfield Park Health & Rehabilitation located in Albany, Joe-Anne Burgin Health & Rehabilitation in Cuthbert and Taylor County Health & Rehabilitation in Butler.  “We were pleased with the results of the tastings and are excited to introduce Georgia Grown meats in our Spring/Summer menu,” commented Alisa Vallbracht, MPH, RD, LDN, Director of Dining Services for Ethica. 

“Shorter supply chains are good for everyone. They are reliable and provide new markets for local farmers and workers who process the food. They get food more quickly and reliably to the consumer, keep money in the local economy, and save consumers money,” said David Bridges, Director of Georgia’s Center for Rural Prosperity and Innovation (www.ruralga.org).

Ethica and Georgia Premium Meats have aligned with Gordon Food Service to bring Georgia Grown protein to Georgia skilled nursing facility residents.  Fruits and vegetables from local farms will be next.

Image 3: The dietary team serves locally sourced pork sausage at Taylor County Health & Rehabilitation.


Celebrating Accreditation

Congratulations to the following Ethica client centers for achieving successful accreditation through The Joint Commission. This elite accreditation is awarded to centers who demonstrate continuous compliance with strict performance standards. The Gold Seal is a symbol of quality that reflects a health care organization’s commitment to providing safe and quality patient care.



Congratulations to

    • Northridge Health & Rehabilitation (Commerce, GA)
    • Sparta Health & Rehabilitation (Sparta, GA)
    • Riverside Health & Rehabilitation (Thomaston, GA)
    • Zebulon Park Health & Rehabilitation (Macon, GA)
    • Meadows Park Health & Rehabilitation (Vidalia, GA)
    • Brentwood Health & Rehabilitation (Waynesboro, GA)
    • Heritage Inn of Sandersville (Sandersville, GA)
    • Gordon Health & Rehabilitation (Calhoun, GA)
    • Oxley Park Health & Rehabilitation (Lyons, GA)
    • Heritage Inn of Statesboro (Statesboro, GA)
    • Four County Health & Rehabilitation (Richland, GA)
    • Chaplinwood Health & Rehabilitation (Milledgeville, GA)
    • Joe-Anne Burgin Health & Rehabilitation (Cuthburt, GA)
    • Taylor County Health & Rehabilitation (Butler, GA)
    • Comer Health & Rehabilitation (Comer, GA)
    • Oakview Health & Rehabilitation (Summerville, GA)
    • Montezuma Health & Rehabilitation (Montezuma, GA)
    • Eatonton Health & Rehabilitation (Eatonton, GA)
    • Hartwell Health & Rehabilitation (Hartwell, GA)
    • Scott Health & Rehabilitation (Adrian, GA)
    • Harrington Park Health & Rehabilitation (Augusta, GA)
    • Lynn Haven Health & Rehabilitation (Gray, GA)
    • Autumn Lane Health & Rehabilitation (Gray, GA)
    • Orchard (Metter ,GA)


Two Patients Find Love at Archway Transitional Care

When John arrived at Archway Transitional Care Center last spring, he expected to find great care and a friendly staff, but never imagined that he would also find true love. When he met Doreen, however, everything changed. 

Fast-forward eight months-

The hallways were abuzz at Archway Transitional Care on Thursday, December 2, as the patients and staff prepared for the pending nuptials of two of their residents, Mr. John Spillers (62) and Ms. Doreen Hanson (72).

The staff went all out to make the day extra special for the bride and groom. As they swirled around the room, making the final adjustments to the holiday décor which surrounded the altar they constructed in the center’s dining hall, the groom sat patiently waiting for his bride. “I’m excited and nervous,” he said. “I hadn’t anticipated all this activity, but it bloomed into what it bloomed into.”

Archway associates, patients and family members gathered for the exciting event and at just past two in the afternoon, Ms. Doreen began her walk down the aisle as the traditional wedding march played through the speakers. As she reached the altar and guests resumed their seats, Connie Graham, Ethica Corporate Chaplain, opened the ceremony in prayer.

After they exchanged their vows, Chaplain Graham pronounced the couple husband and wife, while happy tears flowed freely throughout the room.

Chaplain Graham, who conducts pre-marital counseling with any couple for whom he officiates a wedding, was especially touched by John and Doreen’s love for one another. He said, “They impressed me in their genuine care and concern for one another. They look out for each other. I’ve officiated quite a few weddings and I felt that John and Doreen were especially genuine in their tenderness and love for one another.”

The happy couple, who now share a room at Archway, look forward to a long future of wedded bliss and are thankful for the outpouring of support from their friends at Archway.

“This event was held for this special couple, but it also nourished the spirit of everyone in attendance. It has been a challenging time for everyone, especially in long-term care centers. It is so encouraging, though, to have this opportunity to stop for a moment and enjoy the beauty in life,” says Graham.

The story of John and Doreen is an inspiring one and should serve as a reminder that with each new phase in life, comes the opportunity for the greatest and most unexpected gifts.  




Servant Leader Spotlight

James Brawner

Environmental Services Supervisor, Brown Health & Rehabilitation

"I would like to nominate James Brawner, Environmental Supervisor, for the Servant Leader spotlight. James absolutely meets the criteria of a Servant Leader. He puts the needs of his team, his co-workers, residents and families above his needs all the time. He will come early, stay late and work in any and every department to help to make sure everyone’s needs are met. He never asks his team to do anything he is not willing to do. When we have a project he jumps on the task with a smile and a great attitude. He works to grow his team in their abilities and knowledge. He is a blessing to Brown Health and Rehabilitation and Ethica. He has made my time as interim at Brown a great experience. Thank you so much for all you do for our team!"

Nomination submitted by Brandi Meadows, Interim Administrator of Brown Health & Rehab

Thank you, James, for everything you do for our organization and our patients and thank you, Brandi, for submitting this nomination!

Client Centers Unveil Virtual Tours

We all know how difficult the Pandemic has made things, especially for our long-term care patients and their families. While we are hopeful for brighter days ahead and more open doors for everyone, we are realistic about that fact that there are some situations where a patient or their family may be unable to visit a center before choosing to transition there. Through our new virtual tours, patients and their families will have the opportunity to visit an Ethica client center from their computer or mobile device. Each virtual tour has been professionally filmed and edited to showcase the center's unique personality, amenities and culture. 


Congratulations to Ethica Nurse Aide Training Coordinator, Shannah Martin on completing her Master of Science in Nursing–Nurse Leadership from Walden University.


Shannah says: 
"I chose to get my Master's degree so that I could help those around me. God, my husband, and my children play a tremendous role in any choice I make. I am blessed to have the opportunity to learn and grow with their support along the way. I won't say the journey was easy, but I will say it was worth it. I started back to school right before the COVID pandemic hit. I was a DON in a center and thought I would drop the classes due to working extended hours. My family pushed me, and with their help, I was able to make it through. For me, it is never about myself, but now I can enhance the lives of those I serve. I love to learn, and I love to teach what I've learned. I love to see the face of someone when I can help them learn something and, even better, understand it. I plan to take what I've learned and give back to those I serve."
Thank you, Shannah, for your dedicated service to our patients and congratulations on this outstanding achievement!

Servant Leader Spotlight

Rachel Parker

Administrator, Meadows Park Health & Rehab

"She is an exceptional Administrator she goes above and beyond for everyone staff and residents at all times. She always has a smile on her face, even when times are tough. Mrs. Parker always knows what to do and makes the right decisions. We have had many challenges staffing and COVID, but she always jumps in and knows what to do."

Nominated by Danniqua Robertson, Business Office Manager

Thank you, Rachel, for all you do and thank you, Danniqua, for submitting this nomination!


Congratulations to Vice President of Clinical Practice, Keitta Evans! A champion for clinical excellence, Keitta has played an integral role in helping Ethica navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, while still finding time to achieve her goal of obtaining her DNP. Keitta celebrated this achievement on her birthday and says:

"With the support of my husband, parents, kids, sisters, and other family members, I'm happy to say that the goal is complete!!! Besides the gift of life, this was the best birthday present ever."

Congratulations, Keitta and thank you for all you do for our organization and our patients!






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