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How to Refer a Patient to a Skilled Nursing Center

1. After you have selected a nursing center, contact the admissions coordinator at the center to inquire about bed availability and schedule an appointment to discuss the possibility of admission.

2. You need to be prepared to provide the center with the details of clinical, financial and family contact information in order to fully discuss the potential admission.

3. There is standard paperwork which must be completed by the patient’s physician prior to being considered for admission to any skilled nursing center. Contact the physician’s office or contact the admissions coordinator at the nursing center to obtain the appropriate forms that will need to be completed by the physician.

4. With the patient’s consent if the patient is transferring from one skilled nursing center to another, the transferring nursing center should be able to send the appropriate paper work to the receiving nursing center for their review.

5. It is important to remain in contact with all parties to ensure information is received in a timely manner and all questions are answered. The goal is to accurately express the needs of the patient to the potential nursing center so that an informed decision can be made by all parties involved.

Family Discussing Admission

Last Updated: 09/20/2016
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